Why an interior designer should review your architectural plans

Why a Designer Should Review Your Architectural Plans three rolled up architectural plans on top of an open plan

Why an interior designer should review your architectural plans

When a client contacts me to begin the building or renovating process, I always like to know if the architectural plans have been finalized. Across my career, I have worked with numerous builders and contractors and have gained a level of expertise in reading them. But beyond that, I can visualize the finished space and how traffic patterns should flow and where to place furniture. Architectural plans provide the foundation for good design, but it benefits the client to know how the placement of the walls will function in everyday life.

Builders have a level of expertise in actually constructing your new home or addition. However, a designer’s specialty is in translating those details into furniture, fixtures, and finishes which turn your dream into reality. When I come into a project mid-stream, I often need to recommend framing changes. At this stage, alterations are critical and costly, extending the timeline for going back to undo both the plans and the work. And you’ll spend funds which could be allocated elsewhere.

During the design presentation phase, I present 3D renderings which give clients a visual, bringing your new home or addition to life. Then, we can move on to finalizing the construction documents. After all the framing decisions are made, we’ll move onto the more decorative elements like furniture and flooring finishes. And I’ll walk you through each stage, one by one.

Having an interior designer review your architectural plans before breaking ground addresses these things early in the process. Each time, I am able to suggest strategic improvements which transform the end result. Knowing how this will translate into a real-world dynamic, I prefer to start here. I’ll discuss the details with the architect and builder, giving a designer’s perspective from experience of directing these projects from start to finish. This ensures you receive everything your heart desires – and it also saves you time and money.

Am I able to come in at a later point? Yes, of course, I’ll come in at whatever stage you’re at and give you my best professional efforts. However, in my decades of experience in this industry, bringing me in early to review the plans is imperative to achieving the end result you’re wanting. From new home construction to remodeling, make sure to start your project right.

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