Where should I buy furniture

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Where should I buy furniture

With a global pandemic still wreaking havoc on the supply chain, many clients struggle to find the furniture they want. Stay-at-home orders, combined with working and schooling remotely, mean spending large amounts of time in our own four walls. And, as a result, many people have rethought their spaces, deciding to renovate, refurnish, or repurpose rooms into new functions.

Interior designers and decorators prefer to purchase from our to-the-trade vendors for many reasons, one being the accessibility to customize every aspect of a piece of furniture. But why customize? There are key advantages to structuring a piece, so it fits not only your room but also your preferred function. Seating depth is one example, and ready-made off-the-floor companies will only give a standard depth. For those taller or more petite, or for smaller-scale rooms, this might not be ideal.

Good furniture should be an investment, carefully evaluated before purchasing to ensure it will provide a good ROI. Will the frame construction hold up for repeated use long-term, or will it deteriorate after just a few years? Will the upholstery fabric be durable enough? Will the look last, or will it appear dated after current trends wane?

An interior designer knows how to use our resources to find the pieces which work with the floorplan, ensuring a consistent design across your entire home. Many people think custom or semi-custom furniture automatically equates with the highest possible pricing and, consequently, rule it out before even asking. Not necessarily. As with everything, there is a range in pricing. Regardless, my priority is to make the pieces fit your design aesthetic and your space – while also guiding you to make the most informed investment.

During the design concept and finalization phases, I’ll iron out the ideal layout and decide what size and scale of furniture to recommend. Then I’ll open my designer portal, a curated list of sources to hand-pick the best options for you (check out my process page for details). This gives you access to a new world of furniture, full of selections only available through working with a designer.

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