6 Winter Decorating Essentials to Get You Through the Season

decorating for winter

The weather has been anything but predictable this winter. Regardless of where you are from, aside from maybe SoCal, you’ve been with us through the ups and downs.

For this post, we’re going to take a look at some winter decorating tips and ideas you can use on your own at home. They’ll help you get through those hot soup days on the couch without feeling like your interior design is in hibernation.


white candles stacked different sizes
Variable sized candles in wooden tray for a rustic look

You’d be surprised how much of a difference can be made in an interior with some natural lighting like what you can get from candles.

You probably got a few as gifts over the holidays, right? The power of scent is alive and well in the winter months, as is the power of warmth and that toasty feeling you can get from a burning candle while the lights are dimmed.

Ambient Soft Lighting Effects

rustic lantern and wood
Diffused “soft” lighting can be achieved with low wattage bulbs

Lighting has the power to evoke mood in people. If you want a softer more serene feel, you can switch out some of your LED bulbs with some lower wattage, “softer” lights. The softer light will give off an ambient vibe.


book shelf decorating
Get that scholarly look with a few of your favorite books

Bookshelves are a totally underrated design choice! You can bring a sense of comfort to people who love books and give a feeling of intelligence to your space. You’ll strike up great conversations with visitors if you have a collection that appeals to them.

A bookshelf is a great choice for any home office. Nothing better than sitting around writing something up surrounded by all your favorite authors.

Winter Fabrics and Patterns

winter fabric ideas
An example of one of those fabrics that only leaves the closet in winter

Everyone has that sweater that they know is a “winter sweater,” right? The patterns are a dead giveaway – like the one you see above giving off that lumberjack vibe.

These kinds of patterns are great when used correctly in your interior, though. Mix in these and other “wintery” fabrics around the living room or office as blankets. They’ll help to break up your otherwise neutral color scheme typical of winter time.

Mixed Textures and Materials

Mixing fabrics and textures can look interesting even with limited colors

Like we talked about in the previous section, the cold weather can bring a want for a neutral color palette. Nothing wrong with this!

If you want to break up some of the monotony, you can do so with the use of mixed fabric patterns and textures. You can create an interesting look this way even with a monotone color palette.

Plushy Bathmat and Towels

Some soft plushy fabrics can help you get through those cold mornings

The bathroom is one of the places in the house we go to be calm and collect our thoughts. Break up the coldness of those winter showers with a plush bathmat to warm your feet when you step out. Top it off with some new, fluffy, warm towels.

Decorating during the winter doesn’t need to chill you to the bone! Use these simple design inspirations to get you through to spring without your style having to hibernate, too!