Re-Designing and Building Marina Cafe, Staten Island

The Marina Café has graced the Great Kills Harbor since 1980.  For over three decades it has hosted generations of christenings, communions, anniversaries and the like.  It has become an iconic landmark and part of our Staten Island coastline.  But on October 29, 2012, it met with Superstorm Sandy.  Sandy left,  what was once a scenic location,  in complete devastation.  The storm destroyed the entire restaurant.  The sheer force of the storm made the high glass windows collapse, allowing the Great Kills Harbor to flow throughout the dining room.  The entire infrastructure of the restaurant had to be restored.   Yet despite the devastation, the owners decided to rebuild and reopen.

The restoration started with a common goal, to build the new Marina Café better and stronger.  The design concept was to maintain an influence of sea and sky, but with a more trendy and glamorous edge. The coastal element is evident upon entering, you are met with an oversized mural of rock formations reminiscent of cliffs and caves, where the combination of water and light create soft, glistening patterns on the hard surfaces. As you head toward the hostess station, white sheer drapes line one side of the hall to add softness and provide contrast to the various shades of grey used throughout the interiors.  Modular wall panels, depicting a wave pattern and painted in an intense blue add a big splash of color and indicate the entrance to the lounge.

As you turn into the lounge, what immediately catches your eye is the large shimmering chandelier draped with hundreds of thin silver chains hanging from the vaulted ceiling. The bar, considerably larger than the previous one, was fabricated using a solid surface quartz top combined with a cracked glass mosaic on the bar face. Surrounding you are large rectangular columns dressed in the same grey porcelain tiles used for the floor, but stainless steel details create a horizontal striped pattern from floor to ceiling.

The special Chef’s table is an intimate eating area, nestled right before the main dining room and seats a party of twelve in their own cozy and private room.  Another intimate seating area is the tufted banquette complete with shimmering rhinestone shaded pendants and comfy throw pillows. Last but far from least is the dining room, with high ceilings, six large glistening chandeliers and magnificent views of the harbor, all serving to make The Marina Cafe a visual, as well as, a culinary feast!

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