Choosing the Styles and Color Palette for a Model Home

Model home interior design comes with its own set of unique challenges. When you are dealing with a builder or an investor rather than a homeowner,  you’re able to design the entire space with less restriction in a way that appeals to a wider audience. Model home builders trust interior designers to help them sell their spaces by providing a sense of “home.” Style and color palette are important aspects of interior design in this vertical. We need to choose a design style that will appeal to the right demographics based on the area the model home is in, average household income, and more buyer-analytics. Color palette speaks to people on a subconscious level. The coloring of different rooms can bring emotions of joy, tranquility, or family to the viewer as they step into a room.

In this post, we discuss the decision we make throughout the process designing a model home and how we work closely with builders and investors to make decisions and execute a final space that home buyers will love at first sight.

Model home dining room

How we choose the colors and style for model home interior design

Good builders work hand in hand with their interior designers to determine the color scheme and style based on their target market. Every new group of model homes has an approximate price point in mind before they are ever constructed. Depending on the final purchase price, they target different segments of buyers and try to appeal to their tastes.

model home living room with staircase foreground

For example, if most of the home buyers will be young urban professionals, trendy styles and energetic color palettes are used to appeal to their taste. If an older age group is targeted as buyers, classic styles with some trendy pops of color will be used. Pops of color can appear in the form of pillows, pain, or art and accessories to give the space a fresh, up to date look while maintaining that classic overall aesthetic.

Why we love working on model homes

Model homes are a great interior design project because they have no limits. We are able to call upon our imagination and reach our highest creative potential.

The budget is the only limitation that we experience. Budget for model home interior design needs to be realistic in what it’s trying to achieve. That is always a challenge, but one that we take on with excitement and determination.

Working on model homes allows us to handle every design aspect from the construction finished like tiles, stones, and cabinetry all the way down to the last details of artwork and accessories. We love to see our work come to life swiftly and successfully.

family room gray couch and picture grid on wall


Working on model homes allows us to call upon our imagination and design a complete space that will appeal to our buyers’ tastes. When given the ability to design an entire home from the ground up, we can use everything in our toolbox to optimize the space, creating beautiful interiors that will stand the test of time as styles change.

If you’re looking for a local NYC interior design group to help you bring your model home to life and sell effectively to your market, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to discuss your next project!