Choosing the Styles and Color Palette for a Model Home

Model home builders are able to more easily show and sell the properties after working with an interior designer to bring the interior spaces to life. Choosing the style na doclor pallete for th emodel home is one of the first steps. There are many factors that go into this decision and working closely with th ebuilder is key to a successful model home design.

In this post, we will discuss some of the important decision that are made throughout the model home design process and how we work together with builders to create them based on a range of factors.

Model home dining room

Choosing model home color palette and style

We will get as much information about the builder’s target buyer as possible. 

The price point of the model house usually dictates the demographics of the typical buyer for that home. Based on this age group, education level, and career, we determine the style and color palette that willl strike a chord with the potential home buyer.

model home living room with staircase foreground

For example, if the potential hom ebuyer is a young urban professional, trendy styles and energetic color palettes are used to appeal to their taste. If an older age group is targeted as buyers, classic styles with some trendy pops of color will be used. Pops of color can appear in the form of pillows, pain, or art and accessories to give the space a fresh, up to date look while maintaining that classic overall aesthetic.

Why we love working on model homes

Model homes are great design projects because they have very little parameters. We can allow our inspiration to reach and create out highest potential of design. Budget is our only limitation, but one we take on with excitement and determination. Model home design allows us to create and control all aspects of the interior design process from start to finish, bringing the concept to life down to the last piece of art and accessory.

family room gray couch and picture grid on wall


The finished product is a completely designed space that strikes an emotional chord in the potential buyer, drawing him or her into the dream of an increased quality of life living in that perfect space, while increasing the bottom line of our clients, the builders.