Space Planning and Furniture Arrangement with an Interior Designer

Interior designers do a lot of things behind the scenes that go unnoticed. Most clients never consider them services until they experience the benefits they provide. Furniture and space planning are some of those services. When you live in a metro or semi-metro area (like Staten Island or New Jersey), what you do with your space and how you arrange your things is more important than ever.

Go from cramped to spacious with a few little tweaks that can be applied to just about any layout:

Whether you take advantage of furniture planning services as part of a larger project or you need just that, ALX Interiors can accommodate.

Here are some examples of what we mean:

We know you guys are all about visuals, so here is what we mean when we talk about space planning & furniture placement floor plans:

Digital design for a home layoutInterior design floor plan rendering  

We draw it out and help you move things around without any of the manual labor required! In our design software, we are able to quickly and easily rearrange the things in your home to give you more space, ease your movement around the floor space. If you work from home, you will benefit from increased productivity. An organized office is an organized mind!

Space planning and furniture planning services

Furniture plans show furniture placement along with dimensions so that clients can proceed on their own should they choose to.

When you choose ALX Interiors to help you with space and furniture arrangement, a few things come standard:

  • In-home consultation and examination
  • the largest library of home decor fabrics, options, and features available
  • The opinion of an interior designer who has designed hundreds of beautiful and functional spaces
  • improved quality of life! These optimizations to your living space really will increase your quality of life, especially for people who are stay-at-home or work from home.

We also provide finish selections and specifications of construction finishes or decorative finishes as per attached.  Attached you will see some color boards showing paint colors, fabrics and furniture styles for a client’s space.

Here is an example of planning for decorative finishes:

Digital furniture planning photoFurniture planning services Staten Island

We take our floorplans and our fabrics seriously! If you want a chance to plan before you place anything in the living space, we can help you visualize what you want before you look for it. We can help you find it, too!

Thanks for reading!