Simple Steps to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Now that the change of seasons is here, sprucing up your home will make you feel re-energized. With a little patience, you could achieve a new custom look for your rooms without paying custom prices.

Start with one room, and don’t move on until that room is complete; otherwise, you will feel overwhelmed and lose your focus. The bedroom is one of the simplest rooms to work with since there are few upholstered pieces that you have to consider in your color palette. If you have an upholstered chair, chaise or any other upholstered piece, decide what colors will work best with that fabric. You should also decide if you’re willing to change the paint color or would prefer to work with the color you have. Stay with a maximum of 3 colors for your palette, otherwise, it will lose impact and balance. Then, set out to find new bedding, new window treatments and if you have wood floors, a new area rug as well.

Whether shopping in stores or online, remember you can, and probably will return items, usually due to color.

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You can start with either the bedding or area rug first. I like to start with the area rug, as it’s the most difficult to determine color when shopping online, and that is where you will find the largest selections. Most bedrooms will require an 8’x11′ or 9’x12′ size rug. I suggest you order the smallest version available, so you can make sure it’s what you expected, in color and quality. Not only can it be returned at a minimal shipping cost, but it will be easy to take with you while shopping for bedding and drapes.

When looking for bedding, remember that with today’s styles, you don’t have to buy a set where everything matches. Current trends in bedding lend themselves to the concept that less is more. Lightweight fabrics in solid colors have become more fashionable than the busy dark prints from the past. You can liven it up with some flashy or funky throw pillows. You can also add more color or print with a throw or blanket folded at the bottom of the bed. 

McGuire Woods Model

Next, are the draperies. If you’re lucky to find a printed panel that works with your concept, grab it! If not, don’t stress. take your time, look around and you’re sure to find panels that work, even if they’re solid. The least expensive way to dress a window is to use panels. The objective is to have the panels frame your window. They will hang on each side, but depending on the width of your window, may not be able to close completely for privacy. If the window is wide, you may want to consider getting a cellular shade to address the privacy issue. They come in a variety of colors, in translucent, and in blackout.

When ordering stock drapery panels, you usually have two height options, 84″ or 96″. The 84″ panels will sit right on the top of the window frame. The 96″ look a bit more dramatic. If you have an 8-foot ceiling height, the 96″ height will hang close to the ceiling line, about a foot above the window frame. The more straight lined, contemporary styles favor the tall drapes, but it works well with all design styles. Most panels are sold at 54″ widths. If your windows are larger than 48″, you may want to consider doubling up on the drapery panels and hang two panels on each side of the window. They won’t look skimpy and they will give your windows a more luscious look.

Now the rods: the wood rods have to be cut to size, but the metal rods are easier to install because they are adjustable and usually offered in standard sizes, 24″-48″, 48″- 86″ and 60″-120″. The 24″-48″, for example, will fit any window width 42″ and under. You want to add 6″ to your window width to determine the rod size. This will allow the rod to extend past your window width by about 3 inches on each side before adding the finals. The finals are the decorative pieces that usually screw on to the ends of the rods.

Finally, you may want to add some artwork and accessories to add the finishing touches! Remember to be patient and determined. It will take some time and research, but it’s all worth it when you see the finished product you’ve created!

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