Model Home and Staging

A model home is a silent salesperson. Merchandising is a simple way of drawing in your target buyer. Models are intended to influence homebuyers by reinforcing their lifestyle desires, creating memory points and triggering their emotional buttons. This creates a sense of urgency in the buyer and solidifies their decision in choosing the builder. It also provides value to them by showing them what an otherwise blank canvas COULD look like (with a little help).

Interior Design for Model Homes and Home Staging

Custom window treatments help this model home look alive and bright.

Our Model Home and staging services will:

  • Increase the perceived value of your product with homebuyers.

  • Demonstrates to the buyer how space could be utilized, leaving less to the imagination.

  • Identifies with the target buyer through style, color & function. Appealing to the values of your desired customer.

  • Maintains continuity with your company, brand, and image.

  • Creates an awareness throughout the targeted market that will create and drive more traffic to your model homes.

Why would involving an interior design help with home staging?

It is an interior designers job and sole purpose on this earth to create beautiful living and working spaces. That is what we do. 

By working with an interior designer, your buyers will have more respect for your listed properties when they see them. They will associate a high quality aesthetic with the products that your brand puts out on the market.

Aside from that, potential buyers will be greeted with a fully furnished home, leaving less to the imagination. We do this to help give them a “creative prompt” and get their mind working on the possibilities this space can have and the way it looks with new, modern furniture.

By incorporating professional interior design into your home staging and model home projects, you will maximize return, peak interest, sell faster, and improve your brand image. A win/win.

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