Model Home Interior Design. Savona Ct in Staten Island

In conjunction with our development partners, we were able to design and execute this beautiful interior. This model home is the poster child for a brand new development in Staten Island, located in a completely new community off of Station Road in Staten Island.

Here are a few pictures from the project:


As you can see, our goal was to transform this space into something visually interesting everywhere you look. This made it incredibly simple for our photographer to take good pictures!

Interior design for a model home

the objective of this project was to provide value to a potential buyer by showing them what this blank canvas could look like! ALX Interiors, working with a limited budget, created an upscale yet comfortable environment. Home buyers are influenced when their lifestyle desires are reinforced, showing them what is possible with the space if/when they move in.

Special and unique features

One of the notable design choices we made was the use of moldings. In the dining room and some other rooms, we used moldings in the traditional way, however, in the living room and staircase area, we used the moldings to emphasise height.

in the two upstairs bedrooms, a double chair rail was used to allow a accent color to be used.

Touches like this will make the space look professionally designed, even though some of the techniques are relatively simple ones.


When working with a model home we are usually dealing with strict time restraints as well as a limited budget. Everything down to the smallest detail needs to be planned out and optimized for cost-effectiveness.


With this project, we hope to show homeowners the peace, serenity, and quality of life that can be achieved in ones dwelling place with well planned out and executed design! A professional can stretch your budget by investing in the areas that will make the difference.

If you have any questions or want to set up a consultation to see what ALX Interiors can do for your space, just get in touch with us.