Bathroom Makeover Before and After

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ALX Interiors works on many different types and sizes of projects, from large new construction to small renovations or redecorating. The bathroom illustrated below is the proposed design for a renovation project in Millstone, New Jersey.

The virtual interior design renders shown later in this post depict how we updated the style, materials, and colors to reflect the transitional trends happening in interior design in 2019. We used today’s trendy colors of gray and white tones. The design and details are classics.

This design approach avoids it becoming dated in the near future as interior design trends change.


Here are some images of what the space looked like before we started the project.

The original design, aside from being dated, lacked design details that convert a space from mediocre to having the WOW factor we strive for. That is what professional interior designers bring to the table.

The designer takes the client’s vision, integrates the functional needs, and creates the design concepts, bringing it all to life!

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 After (Digital Renders)

We prepared a digital mockup so the client could visualize what the space will look like before they sign off.

The benefit of using digital renders is a much easier back and forth with clients. No imagination needed! Drawings and floor plans have their uses, but digital renders allow us to show realistic images without the need to imagine what it will really look like.

Designers use renderings not only to communicate the design concept to the client and gain approval but manage expectations as well.

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The only thing we kept from the old bathroom was the layout, changing everything else. Since the architecture of the space was angular, we decided to soften those angles by using round mirrors flanked by scones. These provided storage in the large vanity as well as the niches big enough to use baskets to store the small stuff. everything you need…

The benefit of using digital renderings is it makes it easier to communicate the design to the client. Floor plans and elevations have their uses, too. They are great tools for the designer to communicate the design to the contractor, but the benefit of using virtual renderings is to provide an exact method of communicating the design to the client, eliminating guess work, and managing expectations.

If you are entertaining renovating your home but don’t know where to begin; or if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, give us a call for an in-home consultation. Our designers will give you guidance, direction, and the confidence to start planning your project today!