Design The Perfect Man Cave (5 Ideas)

neon beer signs on the wall in man cave

Perfecting the male living space is an art of its own.  When you factor in a smaller space than most others in the house, commonly referred to as a “man cave” then we have additional challenges to contest with.

Wall mounted guitars

A lot of guys love to get their creative juices flowing or relax by strumming a few notes on the guitar. Wall-mounted guitar hooks are a great way to add a design element to the space that looks good and is functional, giving you more floor space by keeping your storage wall-mounted.

Electric guitars hung on wall

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Wall mounted guitar hooks are inexpensive but great tools for all art that doubles as storage space.

Projector Screens

In the spirit of saving space, a tripod our ceiling mounted projector screen can turn a small apartment or space into a movie theater in the blink of an eye. Perfect for watching movies, sports, or gaming like a pro.

home media room with a projector screen

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Projector screens get more high definition as time goes on. They also become more affordable as the technology becomes less “new”. Media room projectors are made to fit just about any budget.

Craft DIY Liquor Cabinets

Into doing your own crafts? Into craft liquors? Guys around the country are getting creative with the way they store their booze.

Liquor cabinet made out of barrell

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A barrel like this can be purchased cheap, restored, and carved out to make room for booze bottles, coasters, and more. A great way to spice up your end table and make the space more functional.

You can purchase something like this directly if you aren’t looking for a new project but love the rustic interior design vibe.

wall mounted wood liquor shelf with hooks

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Not into taking up floor space with an end table/liquor cabinet? Mount it on the wall! A wall-mounted liquor cabinet can have room for mugs and other drinking accessories, too, adding a little style to the walls and keeping your booze out of reach of kids.

Bottle Cap Tables and Bar-Tops

Show off your love for craft beer and your carpentry skills with a surface made from bottle caps. This popular design choice for the man cave is surprisingly easy to do yourself and brings a fun “party” vibe to any male living space.

Bar top made of bottle caps

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Not sure where to start? Here’s a bottle cap bar top tutorial video with all of the steps!

Neon Beer Signs

You can bring the sports bar look home with you to your own man cave by adding a few neon beer signs. They come in a range of prices and authenticities to fit most design budgets, ranging from rare collectibles to production pieces for any level of a craft beer aficionado.

neon beer signs on the wall in man cave

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Need some help designing the perfect male living space? Get in touch with ALX. Our team of design experts can bring your ideas to fruition. Schedule a consultation with us today. We service clients in Staten Island, New Jersey, and the Greater New York City areas.