How to design the perfect zen yoga studio for your home

In Japanese, Zen is a word used to describe meditation. In Interior design, the term is used to describe an area that feels balanced. Harmony and relaxation are the name of the game when designing a zen space for your home.

What better area to apply these principles to than your very own yoga studio at home? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about for the purposes of this post. This way, you can get your namaste on and feel at peace right in your very own home! You’ll be hosting yoga classes in no time!

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The Zen Color Palette – Earthy Tones

Natural colors and soft, earthy tones define the color palette for a zen space. If you want to take it a step further, you can use plant life and running water to really bring the earthy vibe together. The sound of trickling water is also great for meditation if you want your yoga studio to double as meditation or just to feel one with the earth while stretching yourself out.


When choosing design elements for your sanctuary, try to keep it as natural and close to the earth as possible. Things like bamboo, succulents, organic cotton, and hemp make great materials for all of your accessories.

Running water is also a great feature if you can somehow incorporate it in a small waterfall. The sound of trickling water is a great background sound while meditating or getting close to “self.”

Overall, though, when you are decorating for a zen feeling, you should keep ornaments and decorations to a minimum. Simplicity is key when trying to keep the mind clear.

Choose succulents instead of flowers

In keeping with our “earthy” vibe, place a few succulents around the room. Flowers die quickly and will collect more dust and allergens than a succulent. A succulent is simple, low maintenance, looks beautiful and can help detoxify the air in your home.

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Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics and lighting are essential elements. Try going for natural textiles when needed for draperies and throws. Hemp is always a great, natural, organic alternative.


Nothing says “mind” and gives a sense of an intelligent space quite like a bookshelf with a few key books placed on it. 

Bookshelves don’t have to look like the ones in the library! It can be as simple as one little shelf with a couple of books and your favorite style bookends. 

If you. want to get creative with your bookends, you can use geodes. They’ll help center the space and keep it earthy. They look pretty cool, too!

Mandala Tapestries

Nothing quite says “zen,” like a beautiful, intricate yet simple design like a mandala on a tapestry hung loosely on the wall.

The mandala is a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu as well as Buddhist symbolism.

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Furniture adorning your zen sanctuary, like most other things we have described, should be made of natural materials and in simple ergonomic shapes. You should avoid excessive detail and straight lines and angles.

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Give yourself some room to breathe

you dont need a ton of space for a yoga mat or 2. 100 square feet is usually enough to be able to relax and have some breathing space. You can turn any little corner of your home or apartment into the perfect area to throw down a mat and get to business.

Nothing wrong with keeping it small. Work with what you have.

Have a large bedroom? Split it. Turn half of it into a yoga studio and keep the other half for sleep. It’s nice to start off the morning or get ready for bed with a quick 30-minute yoga session.


Enhance natural lighting and reduce energy consumption

Conveniently enough, you can be energy efficient and reduce your need for electricity when designing a zen space. Natural light is much more conducive to the zen vibe than electric lighting, anyway, so it works.

Replace the harsh electric and fluorescent lighting with more calming candlelight or soft light from a low wattage bulb when you need to use electric. Mix in a couple of lamps, perhaps, to set the mood. This is known as diffused light.

If you have a chance to renovate, try adding skylights to increase the natural light you get flowing into your zen yoga studio.

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