Decorating your home for the Fall season. Tips & Tricks from a professional.

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Fall time is one of our favorite decorating seasons. We love the custom color palettes and the thick woven textures. In this fall time decorating guide, we share a few of the things to keep in mind when decorating for the Autumn season. These are tips and tricks that we use ourselves when helping clients decorate their own spaces for events and holidays.

Here are some tips from ALX Interiors:

autumn decor pick theme

Pick a theme

Do you prefer your space colorful and whimsical? Maybe you like glamorous and sparkly. Either way, pick your style and try to keep consistency in areas that are connected or open to each other.

Pinterest is a great place to look for interior design inspiration.

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Pick a color

When it comes to decorating for the fall season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving; oranges, yellows, and earth tones like darker browns and greens dominate. You will be safe picking from any of them that you like.

Try to keep the same color palette represented throughout all of the areas in your home that are within eyeshot of each other. It will help you to maintain consistency and make a greater impact on the “completeness” of your design.

From fall to the wintertime holidays, you can transition into the reds and golds or white and silver.

Spice up your yearly decorations

Retailers try to find new trends for interior decorations each year, but the previous years’ trends usually don’t go out of style! Just add a few pieces every year to refresh your look. Maybe the centerpiece on the table can be swapped out with something new since it makes a big impression.

Just stick with your main theme and color palette with new additions to the collection and it’ll look great year-to-year.

picking greenery for autumn decor

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Add lots of “greenery”

The fall is a great time to decorate with all kinds of plantlife. Pretty orange and red leaves go great with just about anything in the fall, especially around Thanksgiving, where it can give a very festive vibe to your interior.

Think about your fragrances and candles

It’s not often thought of in the “interior design” conversation, but what the room smells like can really complete the feeling someone has about your space. A festive candle from Yankee Candle can spice up the feeling of any space and bring a sense of completing the whole experience.

couch pillows autumn decor

Taken from Pinterest

Optimize focal interior areas and standard furniture tables

In the focal areas of your home, add height and importance of including vases filled with decorations and other ornaments. You can also use tall candlesticks to create a sense of “levels” or height.

A holiday wreath is an easy way to decorate the coffee table or end table. The center of wreaths can be filled with thick candlesticks at varying heights to look more interesting. Think about using a festive table runner to make the design seem finished. It gives you the option for color pop, too!

Always the golden rule, no matter what you do, remember to try to group things together and keep balance.

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