How to choose the right color palette for your interior design using chromatic harmonies

When planning the design for a room, color is one of the first choices you will have to make. Color scheme is important. The colors you choose for a room can change the way people feel when sitting or lounging out there, talking with eachother, or eating, and everything else.

Certain colors fit with different types of rooms. Whether your vibe for that room is one of study, focus, conversation, relaxation, etc.

According to Feng Shui, the color and placement of your furniture can change the way guests taste food and affect the quality of your conversations. Correct combination of colors and furniture placed in the right areas of the home can help you achieve a good flow of “chi,” or life energy – the energy that flows through all living things.

Monochromatic Color Harmonies for Good Feng Shui

To keep it simple, we’ll just list a few of the colors by themselves that can help you achieve certain effects according to the laws of color harmony and Feng Shui. When using various shades of the same color to decorate a room, it is referred to as monochromatic.

If you want to learn more about feng shui color combinations, maybe we will post a blog on that soon! Let us know!

blue fenh shui couch meaning

Blue shades for Calmness and Serenity

Shades of blue are one of the most commonly used shades with or without professional guidance. People just like blue.

Blue shades are known to be soothing and relaxing due to their likeness with water, which is often what we seek out when on holiday (coincidence?). Being near the water and being able to hear the water nearby evokes a calm and tranquil feeling, allowing us to relax and reflect.

meaning of black in feng shui image

Black and White shades for Grounding and Protection

Black can create a mysterious and bold atmosphere. In Feng Shui, it’s known to have a heavy energy to it – an energy similar to the deep ocean or deep space.

Too much black can cause feelings of drifting and darkness, but when used in moderation, it can provide a feeling of grounding and protection. Best used near entrances and places where strangers are usually greeted. Because of its protective qualities, black framing is commonly used for pictures of children and loved ones.

Feng Shui also dictates that it can help bring new career and business opportunities when placed in northern parts of the space or home.

green feng shui couch cushions meaning

Green Shades for Growth and Vitality

Green is the color associated, naturally, with plants and greenery of all kinds. For this reason, we associate shades of green with health, vitality, and growth. You can tell by now that most of the feng shui principles coincide with what the colors represent in nature.

If you are looking to grow yourself personally or grow a business where you might be working from home, green is a shade you should consider implementing. Many people choose green for the study or the office.

Since it is an optimistic and efficient color, you should dial back on it in places where you like to relax, rest, or just lounge out.

giant yellow wall

Gold Shades for Prosperity and Abundance

A little bit of gold accented in any room is known to be good when it comes to Feng Shui. Gold (as well as yellow) express the energy of sunlight, bringing life and light to all things. Gold as an element is rare and valuable.

Gold decor is known to inspire feelings of passion, confidence, and drive. Gold works well in creative spaces and anywhere you plan on conducting business but will have a positive impact almost anywhere it is added.

Red Shades for Love and Good Luck

Finally we come to the color red. In the presence of red we feel charged up. It adds a pop of color and style when used in an otherwise very neutral room design.

Orange tones (also lumped into red) will help to create an atmosphere of cheerfulness and warmth. People tend to feel social around these shades, so they work well in living rooms, venues, or entertaining rooms.

Summing it all up

Whether you are studying Feng Shui or are just looking to understand colors and harmonies better, the power of color is hard not to notice.

Colors have meaning everywhere we look. A good rule of thumb when not sure of what a color does is to think about it in nature. What kind of things represent that color in the natural world? There is usually a link between the two.

Having a basic grasp on the feelings that certain color combinations evoke in viewers will help you plan out rooms in your home or business more thoughtfully and create a more intentional vibe in each room you choose to color.