5 Tips to Tackle Your Holiday Decorating – the easy way!

The holidays are a time for warmth, family, and spending time with the people you love. Holiday interior design is an art form in and of itself.

Don’t bog yourself down with time spent freaking out over your decorations. With a little help, you can design a great holiday party space worthy of Santa Claus, himself.

Here are some of our tips and tricks for holiday decorating, the right way:

Holiday design tips by ALX Interiors:

 Start by picking a theme.

Do you want it colorful and whimsical feeling or are you craving something more glamorous and sparkly?  Make a choice and stick with it.

There are no wrong choices here, but you should make sure to stick to your theme and not mix and match too much. The last thing you want here is to spend all this time for your space to appear disjointed.

Get yourself a photo backdrop

It’s a relatively new thing we see people setting up at home, but one that we love nonetheless. Every holiday party needs a great place to take pictures!

Buy yourself an inexpensive backdrop stand, and have some fun coming up with a creative color and decoration for your new selfie-friendly photo wall. 

Want to really kick it up a notch? You can invest in a Mini Polaroid camera so that your people can sap pictures and take them home!

Implement a color scheme

Keeping a consistent color scheme is good in all forms of interior design, holiday decorating included. Do you want red and gold, white and silver, or blue, silver, and white for Hanukkah, for example?

Keep this theme and color scheme represented throughout all the areas in your home that are within eyeshot of each other. This will not just give you consistency but it will also make a greater visual impact on your guests, whether they notice it or not!

Don’t go crazy with the spending

Always feel free to spice up your collection of holiday decorations, but that doesn’t always mean you have to buy something new!

Classic holiday looks are among the most desirable of all. Don’t be afraid to blow some dust off of those antique dancing Santas. They might need a quick cleaning job, but they have a good vibe and never go out of style! Classic holiday decorations are surprisingly collectible.

Going green for the holidays

Add lots of greenery such as garland, wreaths, and swags. Combine it with some sparkly ribbons and ornaments and some strands LED lights in the colors that you picked to go with everything. 

Eye-popping red and green looks amazing to light up a Christmas wreath.

Decorating your surface areas

Pay attention to focal areas and standard furniture tables. In the focal areas add height and importance. You can add some vases filled with ornaments, sets of deer, tall candlesticks, even sets of the mini trees, a recent popular item. They come in many shapes, sizes and finishes.

Wreaths are an easy way to decorate a coffee or end table. The center can be filled with candlesticks or any tall ornaments you may already have.  You can also throw a festive table runner on your coffee table to add color.

“Always the golden rule, no matter what you do – remember to try to group things together and keep balance,”  commented Alex.

Keep the holiday interior design fun and stress-free. Creative projects should be a natural stress reliever!

Alexandra Fernandez, an award-winning designer, has 25 years of industry experience and is an allied member of the American Society of Interior Design. She has designed many of the iconic commercial spaces and restaurants in the Staten Island area.