10 Benefits of Working With An Interior Designer

model home living room with staircase foreground

Have you ever been inside a stunning hotel lobby or another space that caught your eye? All the elements; every detail that was brought together to create the “wow factor” was intentional. It all started with considerable thought, creativity, and a well-organized design plan. These things are some of the primary benefits of working with an interior designer vs going at the project yourself or with the help of just a contractor!

Hiring an Interior designer is a smart decision if you’re investing a substantial amount in your home or building a new home. The interior designer will discuss, among other things, your lifestyle, the function of each space, and your individual style. Bringing the interior designer in the early stages of the project can address potential issues on your overall plan that may not lend themselves to your individual style and desires… A designer can create a strong bridge between the architect, you and your contractor or Builder.

Here are 10 benefits of hiring an Interior designer:

Design plans provided

An interior designer will discuss all your wishes and desires for this new space or home and develop a design plan that will fit your budget, lifestyle, and individual style, leading your vision into realization.

You will be able to go over every detail of what your final design will look like with the ability to view 3d design renderings that will give you a photorealistic rendering of the final space 

Saves you time and money

Hiring an interior designer to handle your project saves time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. While the initial cost of an interior designer might seem intimidating, they actually save you time and money in the long run because a project is done right the first time is less expensive than one that has constant revisions and fixes needed throughout.

Not just money will be saved, but endless hours of frustration and stress over issues you have no business handling!

Alleviating stress

Renovating or new construction can be very stressful. There are hundreds of decisions and selections to be made, starting right from the beginning. A good design plan in place will alleviate stress and anxiety.

A good design plan in place from the beginning will help alleviate stress. You’ll know exactly what everything is going to look like in the end from the start. You won’t have to make those decisions along the way with the builder or someone else who’s managing the project for you.

There’s no chance the project will be completed with you wanting more because all of your needs and expectations will be met with the design plan.

Access to exclusive resources

The same way you can order wholesale from catalogs as any type of retail store, interior designers have resources and accounts with sellers no ordinary person has access to.

As a client of ALX Interiors, you gain access to all of them. You’ll be able to pick from catalogs that you’ve never had access to and products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Not just will you be able to browse through these types of exclusive offerings, but the connections that your designer has often come with discounted rates.

Streamlines the construction process

When you have two professionals communicating with each other, many aspects of interior design projects become easier. 

Interior designers have builders in their Network that they can recommend in order for you to use somebody that they have rapport and synergy with. Otherwise, it’s still a benefit to have your interior design of communicating directly with your general contractor. They know the lingo and can communicate what you want and need better than the average client.


Designers are trained to think about things not everybody thinks about. Builders and contractors are concerned with solving issues in their own way due to the experience they have in the problems they have run into in the past.  having a functional interior space when all is said and done also depends on lighting and Furnishings needed. If these are addressed before construction takes place, you will avoid placement issues.

For example, general contractors aren’t concerned with where the furniture is going to end up, so you might find electrical outlets in places that they think are useful but could end up making furniture placement more of a challenge with the right access to electricity from the couch, etc.

Provides that “WOW factor”

Your interior can be infused with a pop of color, a statement piece, an architectural element, or something to turn heads.  if you deal with an experienced interior designer, they know just what to use for the space that you have,  Helping you to stand out from the rest of the homes on the block, which are often exactly the same on the surface.

We’re going to discuss some of these potential wow factors and pop in an upcoming post!

Budget outline and control

Giving yourself a budget will help you stay within the confines of what you’re willing to spend on a project. This works in your daily life as well as with your construction projects and renovations. It’s important to have an outline in place to help you, the designer, and your contractor work. If money is an object, this is important.

The project always needs some room for unexpected issues, but you can leave yourself space for that so it doesn’t break the bank.

An interior designer like ALX Interiors in Staten Island can help you outline the budget before you ever touch pencil to paper and start designing the space. We are able to control aspects and maximize efficiency using the budget we’re given.

Optimized lighting placement

Efficiently lighting your interior will help you save money in the years to come. This includes placing lights, lamps, and high hats in the appropriate places and not overdoing it.

An interior designer will know the future layout of furniture, etc, helping you to make sure built-in lighting is in the appropriate locations.

Consistency of design concept

One of the things that stands out about professionally designed Interiors is the consistency of design from the exterior architecture to and throughout the interior spaces. 

When a home is constructed from scratch with the consultation of an interior designer, the energy and character of the home will be noticeable on the outside as well as the inside.


If you’re interested in building a new home from scratch or revamping your current one, hiring an interior designer can help you really save money in the long run. With these benefits, you’ll remain on-budget and be happier with the final product than you’d be “winging it.”

If you’re interested in getting in touch with an interior designer near you in Staten Island or New Jersey, reach out to us at ALX Interiors. We have the experience and technology to make your next project a critical success!