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Interior Design Staten Island

ALX Interiors creates amazing spaces for our clients by listening and learning about your lifestyle, your needs, and your taste for interior design. Staten Island is a unique market with definitive style and trends. We understand the market, the current desirable aesthetics, and are able to deliver exceptional results.

We capture and create your vision by implementing a design plan. This plan not only ensures the realization of your dream space, but relieves stress, alleviates fears, saves you hours of research, and avoids costly mistakes. Knowing what to expect and being involved in the process is important and helps both parties.

Design Resources

We offer you more design options and resources, providing a more cost-effective path. ALX Interiors delivers planned, organized and coordinated documentation of all designs, details, and selections, ensuring that the builder or contractor thoroughly understands the designs. Providing prompt answers and recommendations throughout the construction phase gives our clients peace of mind.

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